Almost everyone has their share of childhood tooth care histories. Parents have their own unique way of encouraging their children on how to care for their teeth – from exaggerated stories of imaginary characters (the tooth fairy) to humorous stories about what will happen if they ignore caring for their teeth.

However, encouraging children to take care of their  teeth is actually a good thing, because it is a good idea to begin the practice of personal dental care at an early age. Perhaps the most basic thing that almost everyone knows about is brushing their teeth.

Brush your teeth after every meal is considered the most basic measure of personal dental care. Many people may think that brushing one’s teeth is just brushing, what most people do not know is that there is a proper way to brush their teeth.

Brushing teeth is not effective if you just brush your teeth using any kind of brush stroke. If you are one of the many people who do not know the proper way to brush your teeth, a visit to the dentist may be the solution to your problem.

It is recommended that you brush your teeth at least twice a day.  Although, there are some people who see the need to brush their teeth three times a day and after every meal.

There are even some cases where dentists discourage their patients from brushing more than twice a day, especially for those who suffer from discomfort due to their teeth being sensitive.

Some people go a day without brushing their teeth. If you are one of the many people who think that eating mentolated candies, gargling with mouthwash and flossing can be the same as brushing your teeth,  you may need to consider changing your approach to your personal dental care routine.

Eating candy and other sweets to compensate for the lack of brushing could cause cavities. Unfortunately, you are unable to see the harmful results of your improper dental care immediately. However, in the long term you ma regret letting your teeth fall into the hands of candies and sweets which does more harm than good.

Substituting simple brushing with a mouthwash gargle session in the bathroom may seem to save a lot of precious working time, but in reality, you’ve just put your teeth and mouth in danger. Mouthwashes are made to improve the cleanliness of your teeth, not to replace brushing. Gargling with mouthwash is not seen as a thorough way to clean the mouth.  Your mouth may feel fresh after gargling, but if one should look closely at your mouth and teeth, you would be able to see where your dental care is lacking.

Achieving a personal dental care routine is important because it will make or break your smile. Do not neglect your teeth, as they constitute a very important part of your face.

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