Bruxism is grinding away your teeth when you are asleep. You will be literally grinding away your teeth without even knowing it.

How can you tell if you have Bruxism?

  • Painful teeth in the morning
  • Your jaw hurts in the morning
  • You feel pain around the upper jaw below the temples while eating.
  • Your teeth a flat and worn away
  • You have unexplained chips on your teeth
  • Your teeth are sensitive to cold and citrus.
  • You have constant headaches
  • You constantly wake up during the night

In the Save your Smile, Stop Grinding program, you will find out the real way to stop grinding your teeth. This step-by-step, fully illustrated program reveals how to cure bruxism in just 7 minutes a day.

This is how you will feel after you stop grinding your teething in your sleep

  • Your teeth will not hurt anymore when you wake up
  • Your jaw feels relaxed and doesn’t hurt any more
  • You have far less headaches
  • You get a much better sleep
  • You will be less tired during the day
  • Your teeth are much less sensitive to cold, hot and citrus
  • You now have the confidence to sleep without a mouth guard!

This program has been designed to stop all types of teeth grinders ranging from simple stress related grinding, to the most advanced teeth grinders who have had this disorder their teeth their whole life.

With the Save your Smile, Stop Grinding program you will get everything you need to stop grinding your teeth.

OraMedia’s program offers a unique approach to achieving a disease-free mouth where teeth and gums stay healthy for a lifetime. If you are looking to solve your common dental problems without spending a lot of money for your dentists’ visits and painful processes, this guide is an absolute must-have.

The ‘Primary Care Oral Health Action Pack’ will…

* Change the way you look at your oral health and what affects it
* Increase your knowledge of YOUR teeth and gums, YOUR entire oral environment and yes, your SMILE!
* Reveal the TRUE CAUSE of cavities, decay of bone and tissue and disclose the proper biological balance
* Put YOU in command over this contagious, yet EASILY preventable disease which runs rampant thoughout our population
* Allow you to TAKE ACTION to restoring your teeth and gums to optimum health while preventing further decay and damage, as well as preventing any related problems such as heart disease
Potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime by avoiding the work of your dentist and specialist(s)… you may no longer need their services!

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The Cure TMJ is a great Exercise Program for anyone suffering with TMJ. It goes in detail about the step-by-step 3 minute exercises that relaxes your face muscles so that you can get rid of the jaw and head pain associated with TMJ. ThisĀ  book covers 19 powerful and proven exercises to get relief from TMJ. According to research, strengthening and relaxing the jaw alone won’t cure your TMJ. The worst problem of TMJ is that all the muscles in the head work together to dislocate the jaw joint and hence it is imperative that every muscle in your head has to be relaxed and strengthened to get relief from TMJ.

‘TMJ No More’ program has information on working on relaxing and strengthening every muscle in your head, from the inside out.

In just 3 minutes a day, it teaches you:

  • How to strengthen and loosen up the tongue – this is more important than you may think!
  • The 3 single most powerful exercises to open up a narrow throat
  • How to quickly find out if you have an airway block in your nose, and 2 exercises to quickly start curing it. (If your sinuses are blocked, this is extremely important).
  • The single most important thing you must know about a stiff jaw that’s causing your TMJ, and how to loosen it up.
  • How to break up the tension line between your shoulders and your jaw. Each muscle group multiplies your TMJ, but the program is going to teach you exactly to how deal with them all !
  • How to use powerful breathing exercise to quickly remove the head pain you’re suffering even while the jaw is still locked up

Here are just a few things you discover in this TMJ cure program:

  • The most important and most little known breathing exercise that changes the way you breathe every day…which removes tension that tenses your muscles and causes TMJ pain.
  • An easy way to fake yawning over and over again that completely opens up the throat and relieves tension in your face.
  • What you can do with a soda bottle cap and a newspaper…that completely opens up the jaw in just 2 minutes. (This is also used by singing pros, you’ll be amazed at how this feels!)
  • An unexpected but startling 15 minute exercise that could release mental tension that is cramping up your neck muscles…and ends your pain for days every time you use it.
  • The 3 single most awkward looking (but extremely powerful!) exercises to strengthen the tongue that could cure the majority of TMJ even if you don’t exercise anything else.

The exercises also come in the form of downloadable audios so you can load them in your iPod or write to a CD and take them along with you.

The guide is completely illustrated so the exercises become crystal-clear. It literally takes you by the hand, step-by-step to make sure you do the exercises correctly.

Never again will you…

  • Suffer from horrible jaw pain
  • Not be able to eat something you like
  • Not be able to open your mouth
  • Be all bent up with chronic back pain
  • Risk permanent eye problems due to your condition
  • Worry about wasting the rest of your life tortured

Instead, Cure Your TMJ the Easy Way.
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